If there’s one thing Japan does well, it’s an unusual and bizarre craze. Having apparently had their fill of Pokémon Go mania, the latest trend to hit the Land of the Rising Sun is slightly more esoteric and a lot less universal.

In a series of Twitter and Instagram posts, Japanese teenagers have been sharing their DIY phone case creations which have been made by placing an Evian logo cut out from a water bottle inside a plastic sheath. And that’s literally it. The reason behind the fad? No one can say for sure just yet, but it’s clear some have taken to decorating better than others:

#evian #evianケース #エビアンケース

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We can only begin to imagine just how HAM the Evian marketing department will be going in the French Alps with their bonus checks these holidays.

If a phone cover is on your wish list, then put down the mineral water and scissors and check out these “Live Case” creations from Google instead.

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