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We’ve all been there before. Somehow, your iPhone slips out of your hand and, as it falls to the floor, it’s as if time slows down to a crawl. As you bend down to pick it up, a sinking feeling envelopes your world and your mind is overwhelmed by acute dread. You hope and pray that the damage isn’t too bad, but your deepest fears are soon realized when a closer inspection reveals more screen cracks than a New York City sidewalk. Insert expletive rant here.

But now, a new set of heroes has emerged to banish this unfortunate ordeal to the past. Created by a Kickstarter group called the GonzoGuards, the group’s ForeverGlass is a new technology which fortifies your iPhone screen to the point that it can withstand hammer and even drill attacks, as demonstrated by an unidentified maniac in the video below.

And that’s not all. Should you achieve the impressive feat of somehow still managing to shatter the screen, the brand offers an unlimited lifetime “WaRRRanty” (Replace, Renew and Repeat), meaning you can claim a free replacement or new ForeverGlass sheath should you replace your handset. Each member is entitled to unlimited upgrades and replacements.

For further information on ForeverGlass, watch the video above and then head on over to Kickstarter to sign up.

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