Poor, poor Jay Z. The rapper and entertainment mogul has really seen nothing but trouble in recent years. The latest instance of his legal woes is now coming from the estate of the late Prince, which has now formally initiated a lawsuit against Jay’s label Roc Nation, concerning the constantly-plagued streaming service of TIDAL. And you thought your day was bad.

This legal whirlwind all stems from a little TIDAL oversight. The streaming service claimed that it had exclusive streaming rights to the Purple One’s album from last year, HITNRUN Phase One. That and the fact that TIDAL was the only service that provided Prince’s back catalog of albums after he pulled it from all other platforms last year, a move that was not communicated or agreed to in the wake of the singer’s death earlier this year.

As of right now, TIDAL is still streaming the Prince discography, but that little perk may change very soon. So for those of you that still have your subscription left over from streaming Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo, it might be time to give Purple Rain a couple free listens while you still can.

In other music news, Frank Ocean has given his first comprehensive interview to the press in years. Read some of the choicest quotes from his The New York Times profile right here.

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