This past week Apple released a $300 USD book retracing years of Apple design, James Franco played a billionaire douchebag in a new trailer for Why Him?, Tinder introduced a bunch of new gender options, and Kanye West said he would have voted for Donald Trump causing people to walk out of his concert.

Below you’ll find a roundup of our favorite comments from the week, spanning the aforementioned posts and a few others.

Please be sure to keep the funny, interesting and bizarre comments coming, and in the meantime check out this week’s finest below.

#10 commented on: Here’s Why Marvel Movies Look Ugly, According to a Film Buff’s Insightful Video Essay

“This is the same kind of guy that will leave a comment correcting your spelling”

Rob Swierczek

#09 commented on: President Obama Is Honoring Michael Jordan With the Medal of Freedom

“*gets medal of freedom* *also owns prisons*”

Colin Michael Kelly

#08 commented on: This Is What a Million-Dollar Hot Wheels Collection Looks Like

“This Is What a 44 Year Old Virgin Looks Like”


#07 commented on: This Very Real “NoPhone” Wants to Cure Your Smartphone Addiction

“Great! Can I pay with NoMoney?”


#06 commented on: We Tried Shopping for Streetwear at Bangkok’s Rot Fai Night Market…

“After 5 years I abandoned my office job and I never felt this good… I started working in the trap, selling dope to scumbags, several hrs every day, and I earn much more than i did on my old work… My last month paycheck was for 9000 dollars… The best thing about this work is that i have more free time for my family and free drugs.”


#05 commented on: Kanye West’s Pro-Trump Rant Causes Concert Walkout

“Why the fuck would you just jump in a bear trap like that?”


“are you not familiar with Kanye West?”


#04 commented on: All the ?s.

“why is the leader of the free world standing with barack obama?”

Collin Gordinier

#03 commented on: Tinder Now Has 37 Gender Options Proving That Everyone Is Welcome

“Great, now I can identify myself as the pastafarian apache helicopter dog mega multi combo god of hyper death Viking furry pansexual potato demiqueer I truly feel like”

Dom Cox

#02 commented on: James Franco Is a Billionaire Douchebag in New Trailer for ‘Why Him?’

“I’m sure that was a really difficult role to play.”

Tony Bland

#01 commented on: ‘Designed by Apple in California’ Is a $300 Book Tracing 20 Years of Apple Design

“You can only use an Apple bookmark with it. Which is $150.”

Samuel Calvin Glover

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