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Apple’s next iPhone could come with a curved OLED display, according to a new report by the Wall Street Journal.

Rumors surrounding the curved display have circulated since late last year, and new pieces of information have continued to drip in since then. Three separate sources (a Sharp executive, a Barclays research analyst, and famed iPhone rumors specialist Ming-Chi Kuo) have said Apple will release a model with an OLED display, and now sources on the production line say the company is increasing its supply of these types of displays.

The WSJ quotes Apple’s suppliers, who said they were asked to increase output of “thinner organic light-emitting displays” and submit prototype screens with better resolution than ones from South Korea’s Samsung. This could mean initial testing has been successful and now the Cupertino company wants to analyze the screens on a wider scale.

Apple has been battling slowing smartphone sales for more than a year now and is under pressure to deliver something big when it unveils its next iPhone in 2017, to mark the device’s 10th anniversary. A curved display would go some way to doing that but, according to “people familiar with the matter,” would almost certainly come with a higher price tag because OLED displays are more expensive to produce.

The report also states that an iPhone with a curved screen could be “on store shelves as soon as next year [but] Apple may decide not to release the model because it is one of more than 10 prototypes being considered.”

Apple has thus far declined to comment.

Meanwhile, Samsung is planning to create a “foldable” smartphone.

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