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While the rumors continue to circulate, but no real concrete information arises, who honestly knows when — or if — we’ll actually get an Apple car. But for a little fun in the meantime, UK online mechanic network ClickMechanic has tasked some of its designers to imagine what the “iCar” could look like, using Apple’s signature products.

These conceptual renderings draw inspiration from such game-changing Apple devices as classic computer monitors like the 1984 macintosh 128k, as well as the recently-released iPhone 7, just to name a couple. Therefore, as you can imagine, the illustrations are no doubt futuristic in nature, looking like the vehicles could appear in an upcoming sci-fi flick.

Courtesy of the imagery above, you’ll get a glimpse at the iCar Macintosh, based on the Macintosh 128k; the iCar Power, based on the Power Mac G5; the iCar Air, based on the MacBook Air; the iCar 7, based on the iPhone 7; and the iCar G3, based on the iMac G3.

After checking out these intriguing artist renderings, be sure to let us know which is your favorite.

Not NYC, not LA.

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