It’s not a stretch to say that Alpha Industries helped define how we see U.S. military outerwear today. A Department of Defense contractor as far back as the late 1950s, the brand’s commitment to both heritage and design innovation have made it the leader in reproduction and contemporary military gear. Building upon its decades-long legacy, Alpha Industries taps both the classic style and the customization found within the garments worn by the U.S. servicemen

Drawing upon the division’s historic affinity for decking out its garments with patches, Alpha Industries sources directly from the inspiration in two different ways. Continuing from the label’s fall/winter collection, Alpha Industries is continuing its Flex Patch program, releasing limited-edition patches exclusively available for 30 days at a time. This ties seamlessly into the launch of the L-2B Flex Flight Jacket—a lightweight version of the classic MA-1 bomber featuring customizable patch areas.

“Today, we are on the forefront of trends by expanding our offerings and constantly finding ways to carve our own path to be different,” said Alpha Industries CEO Mike Cirker. “This season we tapped into the world of the Navy SEAL’s and their ability to leverage individuality as a way to give them an edge on their missions. This sense of purpose and authenticity speaks to Alpha Industries, and what we are known for in both the military and fashion arenas.”

But it’s not just the Navy that’s inspired Alpha Industries upcoming spring/summer collection. Expanding on the concepts of customization and individual style, Alpha Industries introduces the MA-1 Tiger souvenir jacket, the Dragon Tour field coat, and the L-2B Long. The brand tackles both classic and contemporary detailing; the Tiger souvenir jacket and Dragon Tour field coat are influenced by the bright embroidery that service men and women would add to coats to signify their time on tours abroad, and the L-2B Long elongates the lightweight silhouette for a more modern-day take on the jacket.

Reaching both reproduction purists and present-day style-conscious men and women, look out for Alpha Industries’ Spring/Summer 2017 collection when it hits select retailers and starting in March.

  • Source:Alpha Industries
Words by Gregory Babcock
Sponsored Content Editor, US
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