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For a garment to be truly timeless, it must reflect the past while meeting the exacting style standards of the present. When it comes to crafting garments that can stand the (many) tests of time, few can consistently answer the call quite like Alpha Industries. An armed forces outfitter first and foremost, the garments produced by Alpha reflect both a commitment to military quality, without sacrificing the personality that servicemen and women have embedded into their gear decade after decade.

For Spring/Summer 2017, Alpha Industries draws directly from its archives, pulling design inspiration from silk Sukajan souvenir jackets and World Tour field coats. Drawing on the details that turned those styles into priceless pieces of time in the service, Alpha Industries has produced modern-day iterations that represent their heritage without forgoing contemporary tastes.

Attempting to shed some some light on the decades of design and customization, we’ve placed the historical jackets next to Alpha Industries’ Spring/Summer 2017 versions, proving that—when something has both individuality and purpose—it really never goes out of style. Scope the preview video above, and look out for our full editorial in the near future.

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