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Starting your day badly can mess up even the most organized person’s workflow. You oversleep, forget the lunch you meticulously packed the night before, and somehow end up wearing an outfit that is both crumpled, dirty and hideous.

Arriving stressed before you’ve even began your workday is obviously not very conducive to a productive day — especially if you work in a creative field.

For Tom Sachs, contemporary artist and sneaker designer, a hectic morning is not an option. The artist uses the morning hours to nurture his creativity and set him up for the day ahead. Before he checks “email, Instagram, and The New York Times to see the horrible things that Donald Trump is doing to our great country,” Sachs takes time to create. “The first thing I do in the morning, before checking my email, is I touch clay. Before I use my words, I use my hands.”

This helps his subconscious wander, which he explains is vital to the creative process. “Whether you’re an artist or a lawyer, it’s important to spend your waking moments going out of your mind and creating, because that’s where your subconscious mind has the most creative and intuitive connections with your conscious mind. Then, we get into the day.”

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Once in the office, Sachs continues to be physical. According to his interview with Nike to celebrate the release of the NikeCraft Mars Yard, “a day in the life of Tom Sachs’ studio begins with a strong cup of coffee and a series of drills.”

Worried about the health of his employees, who began to show some of the physical wear and tear that the artist himself developed after years of working as a sculptor, Sach’s decided to enlist his employees in a morning workout. Three days a week the team do deadlifts, lunges, chin-ups, push-ups and sit-ups. “I was hoping to protect the young men and women who lay down their lives for our work — I didn’t want them to have bad backs,” he explained.

Many of us neglect our body when we’re stressed or busy, thinking that a rushed fast food lunch or skipping the gym for an extra hour in work will make the difference. While putting your health first can often feel like a waste of valuable time, Sach’s routine shows that if your body is healthy, your mind can achieve more — just take his impressive output as proof. For Sachs, the investment of time is worth the outcome, telling Nike: “Our space camp strengthens our bodies so they can be a solid foundation to make difficult decisions with our minds.”

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