Where the runway meets the street

Historic American label Blauer USA reveals a new collection this week. The range takes inspiration from military and workwear design to create a modern expression of the brand’s original ethos.

Nylolite by Blauer presents a range of pieces featuring experimental paneled constructions using quilted materials and cotton fabrics. Each piece is informed by designer Enzo Fusco’s own experiences deconstructing and reconstructing military and workwear garments in new, innovative ways in his early days as a designer.

The collection is comprised of sixteen pieces in total varying from full quilted liner jackets to lighter jacket-style iterations, offering options for both men and women. At its core, the collection’s aim is to create enduring, everyday pieces that can be easily worked into outfits; lightweight, practical and complementary.

Using this new, progressive approach to classic garment design as a starting point, Blauer’s ongoing objective is to use the Nyolite collection as a “laboratory of ideas”, experimenting ever further with pieces from the brand’s expansive archive to create progressive interpretations of classic American silhouettes.

Solidifying the collection’s faithful connection to both past and present, each piece is finished with referential branding details and tags, completing the picture of a progressive expression of enduring American style.

Find out more about Blauer USA via the link below. For trade requests, drop the brand an email.

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