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While our feeds are littered with countless iPhone updates, and news that Samsung’s range of mind-blowing innovations could redefine our take on technology forever, we tend to forget the more humble beginnings of mobile communication.

Harking back to the days where communication was more of a clandestine act, as opposed to today’s current situation where walking around with an iPad-sized mobile will surely alert everyone to the fact that you might be busy, a re-circulation of the somewhat comical Motorola StarTAC Rainbow phone could make things less boring. Despite straddling the helm of defining digital change, and being technologically further than ever before, all these updates have become a rather insipid form of themselves; we know it’s new… but something better will surely rear its head next week.

Masked in seriousness, where ultra-refined packaging is often enough to justify how much you might expect to pay for something that is almost as powerful as a laptop, it is easy to forget how “unimportant” phones really are. Unimportant in the scope of necessary, life-giving consumption. Thanks to nostalgic products such as this Motorola StarTAC Rainbow, we are reminded of just how fun it used to be, where nauseatingly colorful plastic paneling was chosen in place of “Space Grey” steel-black iPhone options.

Still the No.1 Most Aesthetic Mobile Phone ? ?Motorola StarTAC Rainbow. 1996??

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Modern mobile phones do however have their benefits, especially when it comes to capturing this week’s top 10 #snobshots.

Words by Adam Mark
Weekend Editor

Adam is Highsnobiety’s Weekend Editor and splits his time between overseeing all weekend content and studying Economic and Social Communication at Berlin’s University of the Arts.

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