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Graphic designer Jade Dalloul wanted to see what it could look like if companies became states, and in turn, had their own form of currency. The project, titled “Brand Currency,” looks at today’s economy and the rise in power of figureheads at some of the world’s largest companies.

Using brands’ mission statements as “state mottos” and the faces of figureheads at large companies like Starbucks and Google in place of the political figures we see on currency today, Dalloul created a fictional currency.

The monetary denominations range from units of 1-500 and feature a range of famous faces in today’s biggest industries, such as Steve Jobs and Marc Zuckerberg.

The Paris-based graphic designer explains coming up with the structure of the bills, saying “eventually I chose the uniform scale derived from the U.S. dollar bill for all units and used the same ratio width/height originally found in the euro.”

How far do you think we are from company-based currency?

For more projects by the artist, check out Jade’s official website

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