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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley sat down with W Magazine recently to discuss among other things, her attitude towards health and wellness.

As you’d expect, the model has a holistic approach to staying healthy. She touched on everything from eating well, focusing on your mental health, how her mom built up her confidence, and the importance of working out in an empowering environment.

See our five key takeaways from the piece below, then read the article in full over at W Magazine

On always remembering to drink water

“I read this book a few years ago called You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty! and it really changed a lot for me. It’s a doctor talking about the importance of making sure we drink enough water and the benefits of drinking two to three liters of water of day, and if we don’t drink that much we are incredibly dehydrated and that’s often what leads to anything from bad skin, to being sick, and things like that. I started doing that and noticed the benefits immediately, certainly with my skin, my well being and energy levels. I drink a lot water when I am at home.”

On her exercise obsession

“Body By Simone. Simone De La Rue who’s the founder and creator of Body By Simone, I’ve been working out with her for about three years and it’s just completely changed my body. Everything is derived from dance, cardio and pilates, it’s a really upbeat, fun, high energy workout. All of the teachers are professionals dancers and they do the whole workout alongside with you which is really fun. There’s really no talking, no break, the music is blasting and you are going to sweat a lot, but it just feels so incredible when you are done. The environment is really pro female and upbeat, and I can’t speak highly enough about it.”

On the importance of breakfast

“I make a smoothie pretty much every morning at home, it’s often my breakfast if I’m on the go. Normally I’ll put a frozen banana, frozen strawberries–basically any berries–a little bit of almond milk, a spoonful of butter, some flax oil, ice and a couple of spoonfuls of yogurt to get my probiotics and that’s basically it. And I do love a green juice as well.”

On spirituality

“I read a lot. I wouldn’t say I’ve ever really read any book twice expect this one book called The Four Agreements. It’s a spirituality book, but it’s really beautifully written and it’s just a great book when you’re kind of feeling you need a little bit of guidance in your life.”

On her mother’s confidence-building advice

“Always to enhance what you have, not to hide what you have. And I think what she meant by that when I was younger, was really focus on your favorite features, enhance those attributes that you have first as opposed to worrying about the things you don’t like and I’ve always liked that idea. And her other great piece of advice is the importance of staying true to yourself. That’s always been important to me especially in this industry.”

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