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Maisie Williams and Miley Cyrus are each hosting their own episode of Converse’s new web series to air and discuss the ideas, issues and methods that are setting the agenda today. The one-off episodes fall as part of the new Public Access web project, which aired this month.


Miley Cyrus’s episode, filmed by a pool and shot in the sunny climes of Cali, challenge the notion that a revolutionary mindset is defined by age with guests including 81-year-old circus performer and aerialist Carla Wallenda, 66-year-old pole dancer Greta Pontarelli, her sister, Noah Cyrus, 23-year-old singer Aminé, comedian Brandon Wardell, rapper and singer from Compton, Buddy, and 19-year-old inventor Ann Makosinski. Also her Dad, singer-songwriter legend Billy Ray Cyrus, dropped by.


Meanwhile, the first episode was hosted by Maisie Williams. Fellow screen stars Milly Bobby Brown and Amandla Sternberg dropped. While Brown discussed the nature of fame and how it important it is to know yourself, Williams subjected Sternberg to quick fire question round. Williams also invited R&B singer-songwriter Syd , 17-year-old chef Flynn McGarry, Shade Magazine‘s Azha Luckman and Apryl Fuentes, The Dolphin Project‘s Alex Johnston, and Nathan Runkle from the farmed animal rights group Mercy For Animals to discuss their projects.

Public Access works like a mixtape of youth culture, except this time it’s a platform for bigger ideas and more diverse voices in the fast moving global culture of today. Aimed at championing and showcasing the varied ways in which new, younger generations of people are rising up and changing culture through their bold creations and storytelling, Public Access also acts as a place where these various actors can come back and discuss their challenges, achievements and what matters to them.

Converse supported the whole thing, not least by supplying everyone involved with fresh pairs of the One Star. Truly, 2017 has been year for fans of Converse’s low key fire, with London retailer Footpatrol coming through with a no-nonsense, creamy-clean iteration; colette x Club 75 keeping things decidedly Parisian with these beauties; and hip-hop’s enfant terrible, Tyler, the Creator, offered up some baby blue bangers inspired by his latest LP. Meanwhile, in house, Converse has created fresh re-works without compromising on the classic.

Fresh from the mind of Miley Cyrus or Maisie Williams and with segments directed by Andrew Barchilon (of The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim-fame), styling by Ian Bradley, and photography from Tyler Mitchell, you can watch both episodes of Public Access, above. Check out Converse’s Twitter and Facebook for more, and keep in the loop by following them on Instagram.

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