The Verge has partnered with consulting firm Reticle Research for a new survey to discover what tech company America prefers. Upon first thought, many would probably think of Apple, but that is somewhat surprisingly not the case as the Cupertino-based outfit falls behind Google in inspiring passion and trust in consumers, and even more so, Amazon leads the way in positive responses for nearly every category in question. The Verge and Reticle Research’s survey was conducted between September 28 and October 10, including 1,520 people.

At the end of the day, the project found that Apple, albeit incredibly influential, renders noticeably less positive feelings than other outfits, and in some areas unmistakably negative ones. Apple came in last to Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft in terms of enjoyment when using a company’s products and services, then falling behind Google and Amazon on the topic of recommending products and services to friends and family.

In switching gears to trust, participants insisted they trust Amazon the most, as Apple fell in the middle of the pack, notably behind Google as well.

Next, the survey questioned individuals on how disappointed they would be if these given companies were to disappear. Apple came in last among the four other major organizations of Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft. The company did land in front of Facebook and Microsoft but behind Google and Amazon regarding the notion that it has a “very positive” impact on the world.

So while its products of course continue to fly off shelves at a rapid rate — word to the iPhone X — Apple has been losing ground in terms of being positively embedded in the fabric of everyday life.

For more on this informative survey surrounding the leading tech companies in the U.S., follow to The Verge.

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  • Source: The Verge
  • Illustrations:Garret Beard and William Joel

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