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Just when you thought the holiday season was over and you could turn over a new, more frugal leaf in the new year, Valentines Day is almost here. That means you’ll either be looking for something you want to be given or something you’ll hope brings some joy to a loved one.

Because most bigger purchases are reserved for Black Friday or the holiday season, we’ve turned our attention to the best accessories available at MR PORTER.

Included in the selection are some of our favorite brands from Gucci and Vetements to Balenciaga and Our Legacy. We’ve also tried to cover as wide a range as possible, so you’ll see a mix of keychains, caps, scarves, to name a few.

Peep the list below and see if there’s anything you or a significant other would appreciate.

Prada Wallet

Whether it’s a night of fine dining or a local take-out, stay flexing with this Prada leather wallet.

Vetements x Reebok socks

If you’re balling on a budget, these Vetements x Reebok socks might be the most cost-effective way to flex.

Maison Martin Margiela engraved sterling silver ring

A simple and timeless design by a classic fashion house will definitely elevate your accessory game.

Gucci angry cat watch

Be prepared wherever or whenever there might be a wrist check.

Prada wool beanie

Prada keeps it classy and simple with its black wool beanie.

Balenciaga sinner baseball cap

Unleash your bad side, you know you want to.

LE LABO Bergamote 22 eau de parfum

Smell good, look good, feel good. The first is very important and a lot of people in Berlin forget about it – especially in the subway during summer – so do everyone a favor and put eau de parfum at the top of any gift list you’re currently curating.

Paul Smith scarf

Depending on where you are winter might be coming to an end, but just like taxes and death are a certainty, winter will come again. So be prepared.

Givenchy lanyard keyring

Never lose your keys and let everyone know what you’re all about with this $370 lanyard.

Common Projects wash bag

Most athletes have one, so why shouldn’t you have one too? Keep all your valuables in one spot, free up your pockets for increased mobility for an all-round win.

If you didn’t find what you wanted, be sure to check out our dedicated shopping page, where we’ll have other Valentines Day shopping guides posted.

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