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Azmaya, a Tsubame, Niigata-based collective of Japanese designers, offers quality traditional kitchen and dining objects that are also affordable. We took a particular liking to its ceramic pottery which shows up in the form of flat and round teapots. Each of them features intricately webbed strainers inside and matte black glaze finishes on the exterior that give them a traditional look.

Azmaya also produces copper items, most notably the kettle and tea canister. The kettle’s copper body and nickel-plated inside boasts thermal conductivity that allows water to boil fast, while its thick handle is bendable for easy use. The tea canister is airtight, making it an ideal container for loose-leaf tea storage. Both products’ gleaming copper finishes give them sophisticated looks that only get more beautiful with patina and use.

You can shop more of Azmaya’s offering at Natala Nalata and The Line.

Words by Elaine YJ Lee