Alan Crocetti

Brand: Alan Crocetti

Season: FW19

Key Pieces: The nose plaster, a limited piece available in silver and gold, which can be moulded to sit on the bridge of your nose. If you wanted to wear it out – somewhere where you're going to be a bit more fervent – a dab of eyelash glue will keep it in place.

Release Date: Available now


Editor’s Notes: Founder of London-based jewelry label Alan Crocetti spoke about his ambitions to broaden the men's jewelry market when we profiled his brand at the beginning of the year. The opulent space cuffs and romantic silver rose thorn earrings (and their success) certainly exposed the jewelry industry as being a bit stuck in the past. As far as options for men were concerned, the pre-Alan Crocetti landscape was mostly leather bracelets, chunky skull rings, and maybe a dangly silver crucifix.

The new capsule is actually a reprise of pieces from Crocetti's first, second, and third collections: "Back then I wasn't really able to produce [the designs], it was the beginning of my career so I was still figuring myself out," the designer tells Highsnobiety. "And I just thought, it was those pieces that brought me to where I am right now, so they deserved to be launched again. They're vital for the identity of the brand." The capsule's name, CORPORATION, is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the trials and tribulations of running what the Alan Crocetti brand has since become: a fully-fledged business.

Our favorite piece is the nose plaster. If there's an emo comeback in 2020, then this is the definitive product for repurposing pain into glamour.

"The nose plaster was the first piece that I designed in 2014," Crocetti tells us. "It's about the fractured man, about fractured souls. He's trying to get out of the toxic masculinity that somehow has always pulled men back. That's where the plaster comes from – us trying to fix ourselves."

You can shop Alan Crocetti's new capsule here.

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