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YouTube/3D Animation Land

A metallic alien called Howard dancing to Lil Uzi Vert’s 2016 track “Money Longer” has quickly become the internet’s latest meme sensation. The weirdly smooth CG creature can be seen strutting atop the Statue of Liberty, taking on Mario and pals, and even axing his way through a door in (a potentially even more sinister version of) The Shining.

Howard was originally created by YouTuber 3D Animation Land, who published the above video of the dancing alien back in December 2017 — and what a gift that has turned out to be. Scroll on for the best Howard the alien memes.

“Heeeere’s Howard!”

Stolen from spacefrog on youtube. #howardthealien #dancingalien

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Bedroom dancing

Howard the alien lit asf Alt: @truevaporman.wave

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Howard is actually old af

Mysterious creature spotted

tooka packs

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Statue of LilVert-y

He’s taking over

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