Independent watchmaker and design studio Anicorn present "The Trio of Time," the first installment in an ongoing artist collaboration, aimed at bringing together international perspectives on time. The project will in turn follow the Anicorn founders as they travel to various cities and join forces with prominent designers to create new timepieces.

Each watch will ultimately portray a unique design that is representative of that particular designer's view of passing time. These new creations will then be launched each year as a Kickstarter campaign.

The inaugural "The Trio of Time" adventure took Anicorn founders Joe Kwan and Chris Chan to Seoul, Korea to work alongside Jiwoong Jung for the “Hidden Time” timepiece. The watch features a rotating circular gradient, serving as the hour hand, and as time passes, the gradient turns to reveal the white hour numerals printed on the glass above. Each hour then appears as the dark end of the design passes under it, slowly disappearing as the gradient rotates back to white.

Anicorn is offering the unisex "Hidden Time" watch to backers in three editions of black, rose gold and silver, while customizable leather watch straps are available in midnight, coffee and white, making use of the brand's smart docking system to interchange between styles.

For more on the "Hidden Time" collaboration, as well as to purchase the timepiece for $129 USD, follow on over to Anicorn's appropriated Kickstarter.

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