Apple commercials are always visually strong. From tapping DJ Khaled and Drake to beautifully choreographed dancing, whatever Apple does is usually pretty slick.

For its 2017 Earth Day commercials, however, the brand goes in a different direction. Using line drawing illustrations by James Blagden, the four commercials go into detail about some of the inner workings of Apple.

Because the commercials are for Earth Day, the ads are focused on the company's eco-friendly goals. We learn how Apple uses solar energy in a sustainable way as to not takeover farm land, how its "Apple Park" campus uses natural ventilation to cool the building in an eco friendly way, and that the company overall is working towards creating zero waste.

Interesting, one of the ads also goes into detail about product testing. Apparently, Apple synthesize sweat so they can test how our body reacts to their product's and ensure they're aren't any strange chemical reactions.

In other Apple news, the iPhone 8 will “likely” have a button-less front and screen similar to the Galaxy S8.

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