Apple might be bringing back the flip phone, but not in the way you might think. The tech giant recently filed a patent application for a foldable display. The patent, published by the US patent and trademark office, describes research into electronic devices with flexible display screens that can be "opened and closed like a book." This follows recent rumors that Apple might be working with LG on the latest model.

The patent application said that the technology is related to any kind of electronic device that has a display, like a “laptop computer, a tablet computer, a cellular telephone, a wristwatch, or other electronic device (e.g., a portable device, handheld device, etc.).

However, just because Apple has filed a patent for this new innovative screen doesn't mean we'll be seeing  them on shelves anytime soon, or ever. Also, if you think the iPhone X is expensive now with a starting price at $999, one can only imagine how much a bendable version would cost.

Apple also isn't the only smartphone company eyeing foldable screens. Samsung is also rumored to be working on a bendy version of its Galaxy branded smartphones.

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