While Apple has yet to officially announce its long-awaited augmented reality glasses, news surrounding the innovative specs continues to trickle in. This week we've learned that the glasses could be controlled with just your eyes, according to a new patent.

Various eye movements including blinks and stares are said to operate the Apple glasses. "The present disclosure describes techniques for interacting with an electronic device using an eye gaze," the patent reads. "According to some embodiments, a user uses his or her eyes to interact with user interface objects displayed on the electronic device. The techniques provide a more natural and efficient interface by, in some exemplary embodiments, allowing a user to operate the device using primarily eye gazes and eye gestures."

The patent goes on to provide examples on how certain eye gestures might operate Apple's AR glasses. If you want to focus on something in particular, for example, simply stare at it for a few seconds and the glasses will zoom in.

You can also control the glasses through more conventional means, by using taps and swipes on touch-sensitive surfaces. Voice command will likely be supported as well via Siri.

While Apple has yet to share specifics — like pricing and a release date — reports suggest the glasses will arrive in late 2021 or early 2022. You can learn more about the eyewear here.

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