Apple made headlines last summer when it unveiled its $5,000 iMac Pro, which began shipping December 14.

Now, having arrived at those willing to drop five stacks on a computer, accessories for the Space Gray version are selling for obscene amounts on eBay. Some are selling for as much as $1,525.

While you can buy the keypad, mouse and trackpad in white from the Apple store for $337, the Space Gray versions of the accessories are only available with the desktop — making them much more limited.

As has been the case with previous iPhone releases, limited supply means customers have the chance to profit (or at least get some of that money spent on the desktop back) from their purchase.

A quick look at eBay shows an auction with a "Buy It Now" price of $1,750, while others have sold theirs for less but still marked up significantly at $500 and $635.

As more of the iMac Pros arrive prices are likely to dip, so if you already have yours and are looking to make some money, it’s best to sell sooner rather than later.

In related news, there is a 40 percent chance Apple will buy Netflix.

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