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After being officially unveiled and announced months back at WWDC, Apple has finally disclosed the release date for its new iMac Pro. Tech enthusiasts can look forward to the computer arriving this week on December 14, starting at a cool $4,999 USD.

For the hefty price tag, you’ll get up to an 18-core Xeon processor, 128GB of memory and 4TB of storage. The all-new iMac Pro is then geared towards creative use, capable of editing 4K video and 3D graphics.

A number of key influencers have had their hands on the computer for a short while now, as photographer Vincent LaForet insists, “I found a very consistent set of results: a 2X to 3X boost in speed (relative to my current iMac and MacBook Pro 15”) a noticeable leap from most generational jumps that are generally ten times smaller.”

Craig A. Hunter, a mechanical/aerospace engineer, then noted, “The nearest comparable shipping 27-inch iMac I configured was $3699 but with a greatly inferior CPU and graphics chipset, four fewer cores, and other disadvantages across the board. So in that context, spending another $1300 to get into an iMac Pro is a no brainer.”

“I was able to put iMac Pro through its paces early, so I tried out my most complex Logic sessions and everything is much faster and smoother,” added record producer Greg Kurstin.

And as Apple is finally ready to hop onboard the VR train, the iMac Pro will appropriately support VR playback. “With the new Vega GPU, iMac Pro lets you do more than just immerse yourself in VR worlds,” Apple stated. “It lets you create them from scratch.”

So, who’s about to drop $5k USD on Apple’s new iMac Pro?

In other news, Apple has acquired Shazam for a reported $400 million USD.

Not NYC, not LA.

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