Some Apple users have found iOS 11 frustrating, with reports of a keyboard bug among several other issues. According to tandem reports by Axios and Bloomberg — which have been summarized here — Apple executives have reportedly decided to delay this year’s iOS 12 update to 2019 to focus on reliability and quality on iOS 11 instead.

The decision to delay the update was made earlier this month meaning Apple users will have to wait until next year for new features, rumored to be a redesigned home screen and a new algorithmically enhanced photo management app. Increased augmented reality features and enhanced health data tracking was also believed to be part of the iOS 12 update.

2017 was interpreted by many as a bad year for Apple, with iPhone X production delays, underwhelming demand, and the battery scandal. It looks like the Cupertino based company will now focus on setting things straight before making any drastic changes to its operating system.

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