After Apple confirmed that it would look into problems causing iPhone X to freeze during incoming calls, the issue with the flagship smartphone seem to be getting worse. According to an article published by Forbes, users are experiencing further new setback that may or may not be connected to the bug from last week.

In summary, there are three major issues being faced by iPhone X users: calls are freezing and can’t be hung up, the iPhone X has a tendency to butt-dial emergency services, and apps can’t be quit when in a call.

While the original issue was that owners could not answer calls due to the iPhone X display not waking up, owners are now finding that they can’t hang up either. For some users, the display doesn’t come back on when moving the iPhone X away from the ear, while others report that the red hangup button is simply unresponsive.

This problem gets worse if your iPhone X is one of those that likes to call emergency services (this bug can be tested by holding the lock button and a volume button for a few seconds), as you’ll be talking to 911 without being able to hang up.

It remains to be seen how long it takes Apple to fix these issues through a dedicated iOS bug fix, however, it shouldn’t be long considering they are aware and looking into the issues.

For the full story, head to Forbes’s article here.

In other news, Apple is also investigating a pair of AirPods that blew up in Florida.

  • Main & Featured Image: ELIJAH NOUVELAGE / AFP / Getty Images

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