Pre-orders have come and gone, and the phone itself is scheduled to arrive in just a matter of days, but what exactly can you expect from Apple's new iPhone X? With a starting price of $1,000 USD, you of course may want to do a little digging before shelling out that kind of paper.

For this, we're aiming to help you out a bit by taking a look at some of the early reviews of the device, thus giving you a better idea as to if iPhone X is worth the purchase.

With the phone set to hit shelves November 3, see below for some takes on iPhone X.

Apple’s creepy update to the iconic poo emoji. The iPhone X (pronounced “ten,” not as in X-ray) includes this mildly naughty character as one of 12 possible “Animojis” in its iMessage app. When creating a text, you can choose one of these, recording your message with audio and video. The iPhone X picks up your facial expressions and voice and morphs them onto the Animoji, as if you were Ellen DeGeneres voice-tracking Dory.

Though seemingly frivolous—and, at least until the novelty wears off, kind of fun—these Animojis actually draw on some of the most technologically sophisticated advances of the iPhone X, the traits that make it unique: facial recognition, exotic sensors, an advanced camera, and powerful chips that drive graphics and machine learning.

- Steven Levy, Wired

It's hard to overstate how beautiful this screen is – and that's not hyperbole brought on by extreme fatigue. It's deep, rich and smooth, and draws level with Samsung in the quality stakes easily.

- Gareth Beavis, TechRadar

If we were being really picky, our only real criticism of the screen would be the fact that there is a notch taken out of the top where the camera, speaker and microphone live. It’s a shame because the notch spoils full screen images, they are always going to have a chunk taken out of them. (It leaves less space for carrier branding too, but that will matter more to them than us).

- Karen Haslam, Macworld UK

iPhone X has two back cameras, of course, like the iPhone 8 and 7 Plus models. Both are 12MP shooters (f/1.8 wide angle and f/2.4 telephoto), and you get optical image stabilization on both this time around. With more light captured by the sensor, better low-light shooting thanks to the added optical stabilization on the second sensor, and improved HDR shooting, it should be Apple's best smartphone camera to date.

- Andrew Hayward, Stuff

Internally, there's an update to Apple’s own SoC chip in the new iPhones, with last year’s iPhone 7 running the A10 Fusion chip. The iPhone X runs Apple's latest processor, the A11 Bionic, touting a 70% bump in multi-core performance over last year's iPhone 7. That's a pretty significant upgrade.

- Christopher Minasians, Expert Reviews

The iPhone X is a stunning device, representing the culmination of 10 years of smartphone innovation at Apple. The display is the star of the show, covering almost the entire front of the phone, with virtually no borders around the edge, and its incredibly powerful depth-sensing selfie camera captures your facial expressions in astonishing detail. I'm reserving judgement on a few of the design choices. The glass body picks up smudges and fingerprints easily, and time will tell how durable it is.

- Sophie Curtis/Stephen Jones, Mirror

Apple say that this phone will kickstart the next decade of the iPhone and they weren't wrong. The screen is big and stunning, the device smaller for that edge-to edge-approach, and the underlying tech more than capable enough to make it shine. Undoubtedly this is the biggest and boldest change to the iPhone we've seen so far.

- Stuart Miles, Pocket-Lint

Now see below for an exclusive first look at iPhone X at the Apple Store in New York.

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