According to Bloomberg, Apple has begun designing and producing their own displays in a “secret” manufacturing facility located near the company’s California headquarters. Apple has reportedly made a significant investment in the development of next-generation microLED screens, specifically.

With microLED screens, Apple hopes to make future gadgets slimmer, brighter, and more efficient, by using different light-emitting compounds than current OLED displays. However, due to microLED screens being more difficult to produce than OLED displays, the company almost killed off the project a year ago.

If Apple manages to commercialize microLED it would significantly help the company stand out in the market, where rivals like Samsung are currently producing the more superior screens. However, Apple will likely still have to outsource mass production of its new screen technology – as the California facility is too small for mass-production, according to the sources.

For what it’s worth, the Apple Watch screen and Google’s larger Pixel phone are both made by LG Display – meanwhile, the iPhone X uses Samsung technology. Despite Apple having always calibrated iPhone screens for color accuracy, this is the very first time Apple is actually designing screens itself.

According to the report, microLED screens won’t hit iPhone for at least three to five years – but we might see it in Apple Watch much sooner.

To dive deeper into Apple’s secret manufacturing facility head over to Bloomberg for the full report.

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Words by Brian Farmer
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