Apple has just released the latest developer's beta for the next iteration of its operating system, iOS 10, and it contains the hundreds of new emojis expected to drop in the official release this fall.

As we found out earlier, the new pack will exchange the revolver gun emoji for a toy water pistol following growing concern of shootings in the U.S., but there's also set to be a much larger overhaul. For instance, some emojis will receive more gender options - meaning you'll find female athletes - and many others have been given complete redesigns.

Changes to the family-oriented emoji section will include single parent emojis, and there's a new flag joining the flag section: a beautiful rainbow one.

Apple is banking heavily on the popularity of the symbol-based language for its upcoming update. The QuickType word suggestion bar will suggest an emoji based on the word you’re typing, and, in iMessage, emoji will be three times bigger if you’re just sending an emoji.

Apple's iOS 10 is rumored to release around the same time as the new iPhone in the week commencing September 12. Here's everything else coming with the new update.

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