Last month rumors started swirling that Apple was planning on producing an all-glass iPhone in the future. Now, Allen Horng, chairman and chief executive of Catcher Technology, Apple's long-time manufacturing partner, has confirmed that the tech mega-brand will be making its 2017 iPhone using glass casing.

Horng also explained that, as far as he knows, only one iPhone model will be using the glass cases, and we imagine that model will be either the rumored iPhone Pro or iPhone 8 Plus. Forbes reports that future iPhones are set to also feature OLED technology and so-called "edgeless" displays to eliminate the top and bottom "chin and forehead" bezels, much like many of its smartphone rivals.

Horng added that the move would prove expensive and would necessitate some “advanced processing technology” in order for the brand to pull it off, and that the glass would need to be reinforced by a metal frame.

Stay tuned for further announcements on forthcoming Apple tech. For more from the Cupertino leviathan, find out what its new MacBook pros will be like.

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