Tyler, the Creator first roasted A$AP Rocky for donning Futura x Nike SB P Rod 1 Elites during a studio session, which led Pretty Flacko to clap back by posting a video on Twitter, showcasing Tyler, the Creator in ankle high pants and walking in sandals with socks.

While the jabs towards each other are considered playful and showcase their level of camaraderie, Rocky just made another insult towards Tyler by posting an image of what Tyler, the Creator would look like in the year 2048.

The image above appears to be a sourced from a local news segment, and displays the doppelgänger with grey hair, crooked teeth and wearing a baseball cap, as Flacko is suggested to be poking fun at Tyler's signature flair for donning ball caps, sandals, knee high socks, and more.

Now, let's wait and see how Tyler, the Creator responds.

In other music news, Steve Aoki, Lil Yachty, and AJR are all about fake stuntin’ in “Pretender.”

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