Banksy has been quite the busy artist during the pandemic. His latest piece was spotted this week in Bristol, England, and some speculate it to target COVID-19.

The artwork, which is being referred to as Aachoo!! coinciding with Banksy's Instagram post showcasing the piece, depicts an elderly woman overtaken by an aggressive sneeze, one that is so intense it caused her to lose her dentures. In one of the images on Banksy's Instagram, the sneeze appears to knock over a trash can and invert a man's umbrella.

Aachoo!! can be seen on the side of a local Bristol home, located on Vale Street, which is known for being England's steepest residential road. As Banksy's artwork has a tendency to be subject to vandalism, a furniture maker who previously rented a room in the home that features the painting applied a clear cover to the artwork.

“We wanted to come up because people will deface it, and luckily we’ve got a workshop and a massive piece of acrylic we’ve got left over,” he said according to The Guardian. “The artwork is so nice. It’s so relevant, isn’t it?

Again, this isn't the first Banksy piece to pop up during the pandemic. In October, he painted a girl hula-hooping with a tire in Nottingham. And prior to, he tagged a London Underground car with rats sneezing and others wearing face masks.

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