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While many of our biggest wardrobe investments go towards pieces that’ll make a statement on the streets, those currently on the 2019 health wave shouldn’t neglect paying a bit more attention to the sportswear they’re wearing in the fitness arena.

Though street style photographers may not be lingering outside the changing rooms, here at Highsnobiety HQ we go by the opinion that if you’re going to dedicate all that time to getting your body in shape, you may as well look good doing it. That means out with the baggy novelty tees — no puns about guns and certainly no “Your Workout is My Warm-up” slogans — as well as a swift goodbye to the trackies you were rocking back in Phys Ed.

And we’re not just talking about an aesthetic upgrade either. Brands pump money into optimizing their sportswear to be fit for purpose, using innovative cuts and fabrics that actually bolster your workouts. It’s simply a happy coincidence that many seem to have perfected the fine art of making the end product look pretty steezy, too.

Below, we’ve outlined a selection of apparel, sneakers, and accessories primed to upgrade every element of your fitness routine — from the look, right down to the freedom they offer when you’re squatting ass to grass. Spanning everything from the long-sleeve tees of Nike’s latest Tech Pack and a Base Camp Duffel from The North Face’s recent ’92 Rage collection, to an eye-catching metallic windbreaker by French running brand Satisfy, and technical satin shorts by 424, our picks include the best of sports giants, lesser-known activewear labels, and the more premium end of the market alike.

Get your workout wardrobe in check and peep our full shopping list below.


Rise 365 Tee



Tech Pack Men's Long-Sleeve Knit Top



Climaproof Jacket






Track Jacket

Black Barrett By Neil Barrett



Running Shorts



Hummel Edition Training Shorts



Reversible Track pants

adidas x Have A Good Time


Sweat Pants

adidas Originals


ACG Cargo Pants