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There are no prizes for guessing who workwear was first intended for. But garments once worn by coal miners and fishermen in need of sturdy, heavy-duty clothes that could stand strenuous activities have been the inspiration of many fashion brands for a minute now.

Hitting the sweet spot between fashion and function, labels such as Dickies and Carhartt fast brought industrious styles like overalls and chore coats to the masses. Now, we shine a spotlight on a piece that’s particularly buzzy right now, though – workwear-inspired pants. And though it’s OGs like the aforementioned labels who we tend to turn to when we’re looking for this particular workwear piece, higher end fashion labels have been adopting this kind of utilitarian inspiration in more recent times, from 032c and GmbH to A.P.C. to LOEWE.

A perfect alternative to jeans and chinos this spring, below we’ve brought you our selection of the best workwear-inspired pants from every walk of fashion, from the trusty $20 styles right up to designer $990 price tags.

Under $100

When it comes to affordable, durable pants, you can always count on Dickies. For just $21, you can snag a dope pair of black Dickies pants at Amazon with workwear tropes including multiple pockets and contrasting color stitching. Meanwhile, at the other side of the color wheel, we’re also digging a slimmer-fitting white pair from affordable high-street fashion destination Pull & Bear.

Military Pants

Jessie Kidden

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Youtility Scrub Pant


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Slim Worker Chino

Pull & Bear

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Jordanville Pants


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"GREEN BOOTLEG" Dickies Natural

Mister Green

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$100 — $300

For those willing to spend upwards of $100, here we start to see more fashion-forward incarnations of traditional workwear styles. Recent highlights we’ve caught in our shopping endeavors include an olive green pair by Stüssy with stand-out contrast stitch detailing on more than just its seams, a chic, pin-striped design by A.P.C., and an all-round patchwork grail by Berlin brand GmbH.

Cosmic Workshop Pants


from $146
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Cosmic Workshop Pants


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Moleskin Work Pants


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Workpants Grey


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