Brazil is a vast and beautiful country; raucous and frenetic. From the high rise metropolis of Sao Paulo, an urban jungle sprawled in street art and rooftop bars with views for as far as the eye can see, to the multi coloured and vibrant city of Salvador, it is truly a wonder to behold.

Tapping into this rich cultural diversity and musical heritage, Boiler Room’s True Music Series took to the road with acclaimed DJ Seth Troxler at the helm. True Music is a new global project created to support pioneering artists and their creative visions through a series of original music collaborations, remixes, live broadcast events, music videos and behind-the-scenes films.

First up was Sao Paulo and the club D Edge, owned by Brazilian DJ Renato Ratier. The warm up show featured a mixture of hip-hop MCs and DJs including KL Jay and DJ Will spinning a myriad of trap bangers that had the clubbers gun fingering and grinding for hours. A staple in Sao Paulo nightlife, this awesome space with its illuminated ceiling and walls and booming sound system had the crowd captivated. Later, MCs stood on elevated spaces and spat bars in Portuguese and English whilst being Snapchatted and Instastoried for the whole world to see.

A short flight away and you'll find yourself in our next stop, the coastal town of Salvador. Bustling, loud and colourful, it is steeped in African history and culture. Dubbed as one of the more dangerous cities in Brazil, it’s no surprise that nightlife plays a role in escapism for many. Local DJs like Mauro Telefunksoul, Trap Funk & Alivio and DJ Raiz are pushing the scene forward. They play tracks from Jamaican and dancehall to Brazilian, Afro beats, Bahia bass, samba, reggae, electronic, trap and funk. “We try to take the traditional Brazilian music and insert it into the modern” says Mauro Telefunksoul.

The Salvador stop of True Music was set in the lively marina overlooking the town and sea. The expectant clubbers queued eagerly awaiting the doors to open---from gorgeous girls in tight dresses and high heels, guys in snapbacks and street wear, leather clad men in masks and favela kids, this was a place just to dance and express yourself freely. Louie Vega, John Gomez, Fatnotronic, Renato Ratier and Seth Troxler spun House, Techno and Afro Beats that boomed around the marina for miles.

“Over here the crowd responses are amazing. A lot of places in Brazil just want you to play House and Techno as they think Brazilian music is corny but it’s not like that. They are open to new music and new sounds. That’s one of the biggest pluses about Salvador” says Fatnotronic.

Overall, Boiler Room's True Music Series was a microcosm of Brazilian nightlife. It brought together revellers from all walks of life for nights of pure joy that will live long in the memories. “We are here pushing cool notable culture which is amazing” says Seth Troxler. “It’s cool to see this vibrant mix of everything, and it’s amazing not being a minority! Everyone here is brown in some way or another. Brazil is a mix of all these great cultures. I think it’s how the world will be in another 2 to 3 generations.”

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