If you're a Google user, Burger King's new commercial could cause some serious mayhem. In the above 15-second clip, a Burger King employee laments that he doesn't have enough time to explain the virtues of a Whopper. He then continues, "but I got an idea. O.K. Google, what is the Whopper burger?"

That simple command hijacks voice activated Google-devices like Google Home assistant and voice search enabled Android phones to start reading out the Whopper Wikipedia page.

Of course, some people weren't happy about their devices being taken over. According to The Verge, people began to edit the Whopper Wikipedia page to include new ingredients and descriptions of the burger including, “cancer-causing,” “toenail clippings” and “rat,” before Wikipedia suspended the page's editing abilities.

Google itself didn't take kindly to its devices being used by advertisers. The tech company quickly responded, shutting down the voice command reaction to the ad, though users themselves can still ask about the Whopper.

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