The connection among fans, clothing, and sports is elusive. The source of influence is often unclear, making it challenging, if not impossible, to discern the beginning and end of each side of the relationship.

Diving deep into the exploration of these worlds, the C.P. Company's returns with their emblematic magazine—Arcipelago. The magazine returns in its latest form as Arcipelago 5 'The Sacred Game', which will serve as a poignant tribute to the profound influence of football on our lives. Through a thoughtful blend of interviews, personal narratives, and striking photography, this special publication delves deep into the heart of the global football community, revealing its untold stories and enduring legacies.

Émile-Samory Fofana / C.P. Company , Émile-Samory Fofana / C.P. Company

In conjunction with the magazine launch, Highsnobiety hosted an exclusive panel talk on style, subculture, and community building, featuring Lorenzo Osti, president of C.P. Company; Jeanette Harttung, a professional football player and social media influencer; Émile-Samory Fofana, a French-Malian photographer documenting European football's influence in West Africa; and hosted by Felicia Pennant, an award-winning journalist and founder of SEASON zine. 

Sam Gregg / Courtesy of C.P. Company , Sam Gregg / Courtesy of C.P. Company , Sam Gregg / Courtesy of C.P. Company

Lorenzo, reflecting on C.P. Company's rise in popularity, noted, "C.P. Company really became popular in the 80s, when Liverpool and other teams started to travel and so did their fans. Coming from North England during Thatcher, they discovered Paninaro, which was all about colour and style and flash. They didn’t have much money so they began stealing, and bringing it back home.” He also highlighted the significant role of women in the brand's history, stating, “There were a lot of important women in C.P. Company’s history. In particular my mother. She wrote a lot of the texts and helped with the designs. At C.P. Company, we really focus on the product. The more you focus really on the design, the more you leave room for it to be interpreted. And leave room for people to style and wear it how they want.”

Jacqui McAssey / C.P. Company, Jacqui McAssey / C.P. Company

A shared vision among panelists was the ability for football to serve as a vehicle for achievement, be that for individuals or entire communities. Jeanette discussed her own work, sharing, “Through my content I try to motivate my followers to follow their dreams and never give up.” On the topic of football's socio-economic dynamics, she remarked, “For me whether you’re rich or not it doesn’t matter, when you’re on the field it’s about your skill and nothing else.”

Emil added insights into the cultural influences of football fashion, especially through social media, “In the last years, through social media, Mali people had access to what football players are wearing off the pitch. They are really inspired and want to know what their favourite players are wearing.” He echoed the sport’s working-class roots by saying, “For me it’s still a working-class sport, but it’s been grabbed by a lot of entities. The rich need the poor to play.” He also expressed a personal connection to his C.P. Company jacket, noting, “Bogolan is a natural dyeing technique from Mali, that my ancestors have been doing for ages. So I grabbed this jacket immediately.”

Alessandro Simonetti / Courtesy of C.P. Company

Although Arcipelago has its roots firmly planted in the realm of style, the context of its pages goes beyond fashion, exploring broader cultural landscapes—from art and music to architecture and technology. Central to its essence is collaboration, playing into the cross-pollination of culture that transcends fashion's boundaries. Through partnerships with artists and designers, C.P. Company creates unique projects that resonate with its audience.

At the forefront of this edition is the captivating cover story featuring Italian footballer Roberto Baggio, a true legend of the sport whose legacy extends far beyond the pitch. Through an intimate interview conducted by his own daughter Valentina Baggio, readers are offered a rare glimpse into the life of a football icon, exploring not only his remarkable career but also the values of humanity and family that define him.

Glauco Canalis / C.P. Company, Glauco Canalis / C.P. Company
Glauco Canalis / C.P. Company, Glauco Canalis / C.P. Company

Moreover, the latest publication will highlight the transformative power of football in communities around the world, as exemplified by Stefania Daniela Russo, the manager and coach of ASD Secondigliano. Nestled in the bustling streets of Naples, Russo's organization serves as a beacon of hope for disadvantaged youth, using the beautiful game as a tool for empowerment and social change. It's a testament to the enduring significance of football as not just a sport, but a catalyst for positive action and inclusivity.

And in a nod to the evolving landscape of football fandom, Arcipelago 5 explores the growing trend of bench coats among female supporters in England, capturing the spirit of camaraderie and identity that permeates through the stands. Through the lens of photographer Jacqui McAssey, readers are invited to witness firsthand how traditional notions of gender and fashion are being redefined within the context of the beautiful game.

Arcipelago 5 goes on to venture into the heart of Milan, where it shines a spotlight on G.D.E. Bertoni, a venerable institution responsible for crafting some of football's most coveted trophies and medals. Through the lens of Valentina Losa, the fourth-generation steward of the company, readers gain insight into the meticulous craftsmanship and rich history behind these iconic symbols of excellence.

C.P. Company

As Arcipelago 5 'The Sacred Game' makes its debut during a summer invariably packed with globally anticipated sporting events, football's universal appeal becomes ever more apparent. The game’s ability to transcend borders and unite individuals everywhere is one of its most defining features, and that legacy is proudly carried forward.

For those wanting to get their own copy of the magazine, you can get yours by hitting the link here

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