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You may have seen the words Cat Person when scrolling through your Twitter timeline over the weekend. The New Yorker short story by Kristen Roupenian quickly went viral after being published online as part of the magazine’s December 11 issue.

It follows the relationship and eventual hookup between college student Margot and an older man named Robert in excruciating detail (the quote “Margot had trouble believing that a grown man could possibly be so bad at kissing” gives you a hint of what’s to come).

On its surface, the story is quite every day — the two protagonists start texting, they go on a date and eventually sleep together — but in a short space of time, Roupenian manages to encapsulate the complicated feelings a lot of people have when pursuing a new hookup. In fact, the story got a little too real for many readers, who have taken to Twitter to express just how relatable they felt it was.

Read the whole story here and let us know if you agree with the hype.

In other news, Twitter is going wild at the idea of Vine 2.0.

  • Main & Featured Image: Elinor Carucci / 'The New Yorker'
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