Hedi Slimane has worked his magic at Celine once again with the recent unveiling of the Haute Parfumerie collection. Given that the rebellious nature of rock and roll was the inspiration for the SS20 season, it makes sense that the approach toward “couturier parfumeur” would be a respectful rewriting of cultural traditions.

The unisex fragrance line offers 11 sophisticated scents for all hours of the day that flirt with gender identity by combining masculine and feminine traits. In a way, it’s quite romantic as each scent stirs up a unique set of emotions, inspiring a narrative of its own.

Ahead of the launch, Highsnobiety challenged staff editors Sydney Gore and Noah Thomas to the ultimate smell test with the nine scents available to purchase now. (The remaining two fragrances will be on sale in 2020.)

For those interested in experiencing the collection up close and personal, head over to the Celine Haute Parfumerie boutique located at 390 rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. Sniff before you whiff by scrolling down for a condensed version of our scent notes.


Parade EDP 200ml



Ingredients: bergamot, neroli, vetiver, musk, oak moss

Noah: “It has a crispy fruit feel. I’m getting fruit tart vibes and maybe a floral tea situation. I’m at a five-star hotel but I just came for the breakfast.”


Saint-German-Des-Prés EDP 200ml



Ingredients: neroli, petit grain, white orris butter, heliotrope, vanilla

Noah: “This is a chic older woman who is not friendly…at all.”

Sydney: “Her name is Cecile. She’s at her favorite restaurant for dessert and washing it down with a glass of brandy while smoking a long cigarette, only pausing to blow smoke in the waiter’s face.”

Cologne Française

Cologne Française EDP 200ml



Ingredients: neroli, fig tree, white orris butter, tree moss, musk

Noah: “You just left the gym where you took a swim. Then you hit the sauna, took a shower, and your day is now getting started.”

Dans Paris

Dans Paris EDP 200ml



Ingredients: bergamot, coriander seed, laurel blossom, musk, vanilla

Sydney: “This is a young, new dad wearing a cozy, oversized argyle sweater at a bookstore with his baby strapped on his chest, deep in a gentle slumber.”

La Peau Nue

La Peau Nue EDP 200ml



Ingredients: bergamot, rose absolute, white orris butter, rice powder, vetiver

Noah: “She’s beautiful, she’s rich, and she’s drunk with champagne stains on her body slip dress.”

Eau De Californie

Eau De Californie EDP 200ml



Ingredients: bergamot, white orris butter, palo santo, tree moss, patchouli

Sydney: “This is a Malibu Bay Breeze with an umbrella hanging on the rim of the cup…but we’re actually on a beach in Miami during spring break.”

Noah: “Is that… Basel? I haven’t seen one work of art.”


Reptile EDP 200ml



Ingredients: cedar, pepper, tree moss, leather, musk

Noah: “We’re at a party at James Goldstein’s house. You’re wearing snakeskin boots…”

Sydney: “Your +1 is wearing a leather jacket.”

Noah: “It may or may not be snakeskin as well.”

Black Tie

Black Tie EDP 200ml



Ingredients: white orris butter, cedar, tree moss, vanilla, musk

Noah: “You’re taking a really long time to get ready for a gala. You don’t know how to do your tie, but your lady does because this isn’t her first rodeo. You’re about to make a BIG donation…”

Sydney: “They’re definitely a power couple.”

Noah: “And they don’t have kids.”


Night Clubbing EDP 200ml



Ingredients: galbanum, white orris butter, patchouli, tree moss, vanilla, musk

Noah: “Hedi partied too hard last night.”

Sydney: “It got messy.”

Words by Sydney Gore
Life & Culture Editor

Softcore tastemaker at your service.

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