With the dark evenings drawing in, for cyclists, being visible on the roads at night is imperative. Sure, hi-vis vests and decent hazard lights do a job, but if you're wanting to really stand out, then how about trading in your current road runner for "The Flash" — the first ever bike with an all-reflective frame and fork.

The Flash


CLSC x Solé

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The product was designed in partnership with Los Angeles brands Solé and CLSC. Not only does it look dope, but it's super lightweight and ridiculously agile, weighing only 26lbs. For urbanites, it's the perfect bike for day-to-day living, and can be easily hauled upon any kind of public transport.

The bike is all mod cons, with a flipflop hub (you can ride fixed or single speed) and a front brake. For additional pop, a red color palette has been used on the saddle and handlebars.

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