UFC president Dana White claims he's “a day or two away” from securing a deal to hold UFC events on an undisclosed private island that will almost certainly become a contagion hotbed. The idea sounds like the beginning of a B-grade disaster film, and obviously, Twitter has some thoughts.

Speaking to TMZ, White said the deal would involve flying international fighters in on private planes. Fighters and staff will be screened by a medical team, and no fans will be able to enter the island as a coronavirus precaution.

Apparently the deal will give the UFC use of the island for two months, with events broadcasting every week. White suggests that UFC 249 on April 18, which would see Ferguson face off against Gaethje, could take place on the mysterious island. Watch the interview below.

The announcement is confirmation of the UFC's poor labor standards, its serious financial difficulties, and that its promoter is massively unhinged.

So what could go wrong? Twitter has some ideas.

It's a very Dana White idea

This thing writes itself

Is this real life?

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