You might fail to recognize Danny D at first glance, but the England-born porn star, who's know for his scrawny build and massive member (a dildo replica of which you can buy online) is one of the leading male talents on Brazzers’ roster, and one of the most iconic actors in the adult film industry today.

Mr. D is also a devoted streetwear aficionado, with a vast collection of YEEZYs, Supreme, and all sorts of other garms that you might spot while scrolling through Highsnobiety. Considering most of us only ever encounter our favorite pornstars when they’re naked, we know very little about their personal style or anything else that isn’t directly related to their junk.

To correct this, we reached out to Danny D to talk more about his love of streetwear, his porno marriage to the lovely Sophia Knight, and the difficulties that come with having such a massive wang.

So you've must have done a lot of interviews, but I imagine there aren't very many where you've got to talk about your taste in fashion. Porn and clothing aren't two things that really go together.


Great, well now’s your opportunity.

The sad things is like, with porn in general, we have to cover everything. So, anything that's branded or has a logo on it, you just can't wear. So I can't wear anything that I like in my scenes. Unless Kanye's going to sign off the YEEZYs, I can't wear them.

Really? Why's that? I thought that would be free advertising for them?

Right? Yeah, we just kind of have to be careful. But yeah, unless it's signed off I can't wear them.

Do you ever try to compensate for that in your personal life by having sex with your YEEZYs on?

Not quite. I haven't tried it yet. I mean, I've had a few requests from fans to do stuff with my YEEZYs but I haven’t actually done it.

So, how did you get into streetwear? Because, you know, I can see on Instagram that you've got quite a collection.

Yeah, I was originally into sneakers, and I was really big into Nikes and the Air Maxes and stuff. I've always liked BAPE, I've just always thought their stuff was really cool, but a lot of BAPE is exclusive to Japan and hard to find. So, yeah, that was kind of my initial start, and it was just mainly sneakers, mainly trainers, and there were a few grails that I was looking for and I picked them up and then after that I got engulfed in the whole streetwear scene.

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What are some of your favorite brands and pieces?

So, right, my all-time grail would have to be the Air Max 90 Warhawks. I don't have that in the collection and it's the only one that bothers me that I don't have. But I love the Luna Forces. The Air Max Lunar Forces are one of my favorites. The atmos Duck Camo too.

As for the BAPE pieces, I really like the BAPE adidas NMD collab that they did. I've got two of the down puffer jackets. I hear there were like 90 of them released in the world, but I managed to get two. I got one in my size and then I managed to get a deadstock one that’s still in the bag, and I got a really good deal on that one. I have one tucked away and one that I wear in the winter. So, they're my favorite pieces.

I have a BAPE rug. It was a long, long search for me to find it. I ended up finding a seller in Japan, it was the first time I'd bought anything from Japan so I was kind of shaky because I didn't know if it was going to turn up. It was a lot of money, but it came through.

That is very committed. I think that you will give most of the Highsnobiety readers and staff a run for their money.

Yeah, I mean, I have a room in my house that's just my hype room, so, you like, you go in there, and it's just full of sneaker boxes, BAPE clothes, Supreme, Supreme accessories, money guns, absolutely everything that I thought was cool. And, yeah, it's kind of like my own little museum of hype.

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Do you have any idea how big your personal collection is?

Not crazy, I mean, I've only been going for like, I'd say three years. So, it's not crazy. I have like, I don't know, I'd say about 90 pairs of kicks in my rotation. If I like a shoe then generally I'll buy two, so I'll have one to rock and one to stock, just in case it gets worn and cracked.

I bought the Air Max Corks and I had to get a few pairs because I just knew that cork wasn't going to last too long, and I love the shoe. I've just managed to crack onto my second pair last week, actually. I have no idea how big it is but it's constantly growing. There's a group called The Basement on Facebook, if you know it?

Yeah, of course.

I joined there, and I've got so much love from them guys. It's been untrue, like, the community there has been so awesome. And Crepe City have been so welcoming and so helpful in helping me cop stuff I want, so, yeah, big shout out to all the guys in The Basement and Crepe City because, as I've said, half the pieces I've got have pretty much come through them guys.

So, who owns more pairs of shoes, you or the wife?

Me, unfortunately. The wifey's collection is growing. She's getting quite a nice collection of Boosts going on. She's not much of a Nike fan, she's more on the adidas vibes. I just bought her the BAPEs for our wedding anniversary, which was like last week. She's been wanting them since they dropped and we couldn't get her size and all that sort of stuff but I managed to find them and keep them a secret, so, she got them. I think that's her favorite pair of shoes. But, yeah, unfortunately my collection is slightly bigger than hers at the moment.

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If you could collaborate with any brand, which one would it be and what product would you want to collaborate on?

Oh wow, I suppose I'd want to do a sneaker. I'd want to have my own shoe. That's really tough. I think I'd have to go with Nike. That would literally be the sickest thing in the world. I could probably die a very happy man then just knowing that all goals were ticked.

So, how do you usually shop? Do you get most of your stuff online or in store or on the web?

So, normally I do most of my shopping online. I have a few plugs so if something's coming out in advance I can let them know and say yo, I need this and they'll proxy them for me. I proxy with people out of The Basement if there's something coming in ‘Preme. I'm unable to queue, that's the problem: I'm busy, I have a job and stuff, so to queue up to get a place in the queue to then go in a queue is just insane for me. So, I'd rather pay the proxy or pay the resale just to not spend two days camping.

But as I say, there's been a few pieces I've had to hunt down, like the BAPE fiber jacket. I literally had to hunt for it but I managed to get one — if I find something that I like I’m like: right, I need to get that, need to cop it. Then I just kind of go on a mad hunt until I find it.

Round Two Hollywood is pretty good. When I'm in America, LA's pretty good. I go down Melrose when I can and spend a thousand dollars and bring home a few pieces.

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I saw that you were at Crepe City. Are you fairly involved with streetwear culture IRL, or was that more of a one-off?

I suppose I'm trying to be. I was selling at Crepe City. I was selling a few YEEZYs and few Boosts and stuff like that. So, yeah, I try to go to all the events. Like, Crepe City this year for example, the last one on the 29th of July. That was actually my wedding anniversary and I had to convince the wife to go to Crepe City on our wedding anniversary. I mean, thankfully, she's quite cool so she doesn't mind, and she likes sneakers, but yeah that was kind of a tough ask when I found out the date. I was like oh no, oh no, how am I going to squeeze this in.

Well, to be fair, I think, porn spouses tend to be quite understanding.

Yeah, that's true. I didn't think of it like that, right?

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When we see porn stars in clothes it tends to be either in costumes on set, or in suits or cocktail dresses at the AVN awards, which gives this kind of smutty GQ sort of vibe. Or you have those really heavily tattooed porn stars like Kleo Valentien who have that whole mid-2000s Suicide Girls sort of image.

Right, right.

So, how do porn stars dress when they're not naked?

Personally, I try to dress as hype as I can all the time. Some of the Americans have a good fashion sense. A couple of them are into their streetwear. Jules Jordan, for example, absolutely huge, loves his streetwear, loves Supreme. I talk to him quite often, just about shoes or ’Preme or other drops coming out, stuff like that.

A lot of people are into the YEEZY thing, especially the girls, purely because of the hype. When the V2 came out everyone wanted a YEEZY, but they didn't know what it was, they didn't know how to tell the difference between a legit one and a fake one, so they're paying thousands of dollars for fake YEEZYs. They just knew it was a shoe that they wanted because it was popular. So, I definitely noticed a little YEEZY boom in the adult industry because I suppose you have a bit more disposable income to go and find them.

But it's tough man. I work for Brazzers and most of our stuff is pretty story based, so a lot of what we can and can't wear is governed to us. I'll literally walk to work in a pair of YEEZYs or whatever and I get to work and I have to put on some plimsolls and I'll get comments like: "dude, like what the fuck are those?" And they'll zoom up on my feet and I'm like, yeah that's not my shoes, I don't know what to say about that, guys.

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Who, in your view, is the best-dressed and the worst-dressed porn star in the industry ?

Wow, that's gotta be me. The best-dressed, surely.

Apart from you, of course.

Second place, alright, this one is going to kill me but it's a tie between two guys. Well, I don't know, are we talking guys or girls?

Both. Let's do both categories.

Wow, okay. So, for best-dressed dude, it's a joint one between Jessy Jones and Jules Jordan. Girl wise, let's say Riley Reid or Madison Ivy as the two best-dressed girls. I would chuck wifey in there but she hasn't done boy-girl so I don't know if she counts. She's a girl-girl porn star.

That's like half porn.

Yeah, it's like the nice side. It's like soft porn. So, yeah, I'd put wifey up in there. Worst-dressed? Wow. Who is the worst dressed? That's a really tough one. I'll tell you what: Ryan Ryder, has to be the one. He wore a pair of shoes the other day, they looked like Jesus sandals, man, like I mean, I swear to God this guy looked like he just walked off of the ark.

Oh dear.

So yeah, I'm going to put him as the worst-dressed.

That doesn't really surprise me. The few bits I've seen with him from the internet with clothes on he tends to kind of look like a Leicester Square club promoter.

Oh, that's so true. Yeah, so I'm going to put him on there. I'll push Ryan under that bus.

Although I think Lexington Steele has quite a questionable dress sense, like silk shirts and horribly oversized trousers.

Yeah. I mean he can pull off stuff. He has quite a style. His missus Savannah, Savannah Styles, she dresses really cool. But, he has a very, like you say, questionable dress sense. It's quite tough for us because people will only see us at AVN and some people's outfit choices at that thing are crazy. I mean, absolutely mental. Some people go for literally less is more minimal, just nipple tassels, and some people are head to toe Louis Vuitton.

I think it would be much more appropriate for Cosmo and all of those magazines to focus more on the red carpet shots from AVN rather than the Oscars and the Globes. Who gives a shit about these dresses that look like wedding cakes that you know, Taylor Swift, or whoever wears.

Exactly that man. It's exactly that. I mean, if you like people watching then go to AVN, pull up a chair and watch the attractions all pass.

But what I wanted to ask is do you struggle with wearing skinny jeans? Because, you know, there's a lot to pack in there.

Hell, yeah. I mean, literally it is the worst. If I have...I don't know how crude I can be in this interview…

Go ahead, as crude as you want, as crude as a sailor.

If I ever like don’t blow my beans the day before I might be like a bit extra fruity, then skinny jeans are a hell-oh-no. Like they're a no-go as it is, but I have a pair of Diesel jeans that if I put on you can just see the outline of my testicles, it's legit weird. You know, like if I was walking in public I'd expect to be arrested.

People don't look at you and go: "Oh geez, he's got a really big dick." They look at you and think, "Why's that guy erect?" You're just like...no I'm in Tesco's literally looking at milk and I'm getting accused of having an erection in my skinny jeans. That hasn't happened before you print that. I can see the headline "Danny D accused of–”

Of being a milk pervert?

Milk pervert, Danny D. Hard-on in Tesco's! So yeah, it's a weird one.

Well, to be fair, you do make your money from people looking at your genitalia.

Right. That is true, that is true. What freaks me out is that people actually recognize me from porn and come to say hello. I could understand if it was a really intriguing film that you watched for three hours, but generally when I watch porn it's all about the business, you know what I mean? Getting in, getting out, that's what I'm there for. But it's amazing how much people pick up.

I also noticed that you sell used pairs of Nike Air Force 1s on your site. A few years ago I actually wrote probably the first in-depth article on the whole scally lad fetish phenomenon for Vice. Is that something you're into personally or is it just a sideline?

Yeah, I mean, I don't know. I've always been a bit of a chav. I like to look like a chav that's done well for himself, if that makes sense. I don't want to dress in a suit, so I've always been a bit of a scally lad in that way, I suppose. As for selling things, it was more just getting a lot of requests for used shoes, used socks, all of this sort of stuff. I used to sell them for £100 or whatever, and it got to the point that I didn't have any shoes that were worn enough to sell.

I think you could definitely hit the scally lad demographic a bit more if you like, came on them, or added that you've worn them without socks. So they’re all sweaty and stinky.

Exactly. Well, they're after that, it's a strange dynamic but — we can help fulfill some needs of the stranger folk of the world, right?

Definitely. You’re a good man, Danny. The stranger folk are very thankful, I’m sure.

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