Dillon Francis Diplo Truth or Dab

First We Feast is heading into the holidays with a new episode of Truth or Dab, the Hot Ones spinoff where celebrities are forced to answer personal, potentially awkward questions or take a bite of a spicy chicken wing. For this particular installment, DJ BBFs Diplo and Dillon Francis step up to the table to test their tolerance for mouth-numbing hot sauces.

As the game goes, Diplo and Dillon take turns being asked a question. They can choose to either tell the truth or suffer the pain of the Last Dab. Here, we find the musicians dishing on the worst trends in music, the difficulty in clearing samples, and the jobs they had before DJing. Additionally, they both take some time to rank celebrity DJs, as Diplo then touches on the ferocity of Taylor Swift fans.

Press play above to see Diplo and Dillon Francis struggle both with hard-hitting questions and eye-watering hot sauce.

Not NYC, not LA.