As we're now well into October, it's officially hoodie season. And one of the most iconic pullovers you can don right now is the must-have Thrasher hoodie. But if the price point is a little much for you, or you simply can't get your hands on one due to them continuously selling out, Tabasko and Cheap Thrills want to teach you how to make your own.

Above, you'll get a detailed look at how to accomplish the DIY Thrasher hoodie from start to finish. You'll need a plain hoodie, a knife, white fabric paint, a thin brush, stencil paper, a cutting surface, and a pencil. From there, simply follow Tabasko's steps and you'll have the "most crucial piece of skatewear in existence."

After making his Thrasher pullover, Tabasko then wants to go from poser to skater, meeting up with Theotis Beasley, who attempts to teach him how to shred.

Press play above to check it out.

In related news, the Young Thug x Thrasher bootleg tee made a return last week.

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