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Talk show host Dr. Phil has put his $5.75 million Beverly Crest mansion up for sale and the images on the public listing prove that money does not equate taste.  Soon after the LA Times reported on the property, Twitter tore into the images online, dubbing the mansion “murder house” and comparing it to a Frankenstein-esqe Sims creation.

The property features a creepy dining room complete with a gun wall, an eclectic selection of [email protected] figurines and a snake-inspired light fixture. Meanwhile, the foyer features light fittings and a staircase that has been compared to the terrifying illustrations of HR Giger.

Gun walls and tentacled fixtures aside, it’s the combination of extravagance and the absence of any coherent style that has caused the most concern, and Twitter is not holding back.

People have definitely been murdered here

Who did this??

Twitter has so many questions

And yet it also makes a lot of sense…

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