Doritos Ketchup+

Doritos has become the first-ever snack brand to launch a streaming platform. With its cheeky name of Doritos Ketchup+, the streaming service arrives as Doritos is celebrating its Canadian-favorite ketchup-flavored chips.

Doritos Ketchup+ does actually feature watchable content from various creators, all inspired by the beloved Doritos flavor. In Mysteries Uncovered, for example, you will discover the true origin of Doritos Ketchup chips, while Ketchup Kiss is a rock ballad commemorating the signature flavor. You can also dive into Ketchup Cook-Off with ChadWithaJ and Ryan Swaze, as the two amateur chefs go head-to-head in a culinary cook-off.

Doritos Ketchup+ will only be around for a limited time, available everywhere for free until September 6. You can check out all of the platform’s original content here.

Not NYC, not LA.