Jin Tiger, designer of Drink Beer Save Water, claims that he was "young and drunk" when the brand was first conceived. The Korean brand has had three seasonal collections under its belt, now presenting its fourth for Spring/Summer 2015. DBSW's founding mission is to make clothing beyond looks that "spark conversations," and its unique lineup of polos, button-ups, and t-shirts do just that.

Each piece features a three-dimensional element, like pieces of fabric, strings, or buttons that hang out of blocks of color or printed graphics that make the clothes playfully interactive. Last season, DBSW made a shirt inspired by Sandra Bullock's Gravity, which had a piece of yarn connecting a floating astronaut with a space craft (pictured here). Bullock's stylist bought it.

This writer's personal favorite style is the button-up shirt that shows an embroidered hand picking off a button to the side, while the shirt actually has a button hidden where it should be.

Drink Beer Save Water is currently available at Atrium, and seeks to make a strong retail push Stateside. Watch out for more word of them soon.

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