Connecting the dots between sneakers, sports, and mental health isn't something we hear a lot about, but it's familiar territory for Liz Beecroft. The New York City based sneakerhead is a licensed clinical social worker who works as a mental health therapist.

"Sneakers have always been a huge part of my life, but now as a therapist it's really one way to connect with my clients," she shared with us. "I specialize in working with Millennials and Gen Z, and sneakers is a way to break down some of those barriers and get into some of those more heavy conversations."

To learn more about her work and how she shops for sneakers, we invited her to be part of our eBay Market Mentor series, where sneakerheads in our world give us their best advice on shopping for authentic kicks on eBay. Watch our video above to get Liz Beecroft's expert tips for hunting down your own sneaker grails on eBay. And be sure to stay tuned for the next edition featuring Cyril Palmer.


Know the timing and know the market

"Consider the market and the sneaker you're about to buy. If this is a rare shoe that you hardly ever see pairs in your size, the photos check out, and the price is in your range, then go for it. eBay is always stocked with listings of the latest releases they post on @ebaysneakers. Trends play a big role on the prices in the resale market, so holding off can sometimes save you money, or it might even be better to grab a pair before prices skyrocket."

Look for the Authenticity Guarantee

"This will give you some peace of mind knowing that the pair you’re about to order has been inspected and legit checked before you buy. When you order a pair that has the Authenticity Guarantee check, the shoes get sent to eBay’s [third-party] authenticators at Sneaker Con who will review the listing title, description, images, and perform a physical inspection."

Look at the quality of the photos

"Try and choose listings that have a variety of product photos. These photos should be of the actual shoe itself, not a picture from the website the shoe was sold on. Look at the images and make sure the lighting is good and that there are some detailed shots so you can get a good idea of the quality, such as the materials or the information on the box itself. Also look for a seller tag. Some sellers will include a written note card with their eBay user name to prove that the photos are indeed theirs. eBay also has a breadth of inventory from OGs to new releases that are all backed by Authenticity Guarantee, so you’re bound to find your next grail."

Look at the seller's feedback rating

"Feedback is there for a reason. Check it out to see what the reviews and experiences of other people who have purchased from this seller were like. If there are more than a few negative reviews, it might be an indicator to pass on this listing."


Make an offer

"If you find a grail you’ve been hunting for on eBay, don't be afraid to make an offer before buying them. Sometimes sellers are willing to go a bit lower if the offer is reasonable. Take time to message the seller if you have any questions or if you're concerned about the listing – sometimes sellers aren't necessarily sneakerheads or just might be more willing to cut a deal. In either case it can be a big eBay come up."

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