Style is a language we all speak. Whether we’re conscious of it or not, the clothes we put on every day say something about each of us and are far more powerful than the individual fibers from which they’re sewn.

Through years of study, Central St. Martins student Daniel Fabara knows this all too well and uses fashion for purposes beyond stylistics. To this cause, he’s visited the idea in his new lookbook for Italian sportswear pioneer ellesse featuring pieces from the brand’s SS19 collection. For inspiration, Fabara looked keenly towards ellesse’s practical nature and to highlight ellesse’s functional features made adjustments to pieces from the collection such as exaggerating three-dimensional pockets.

Fabara’s lookbook is the latest in a series of shoots challenging up-and-coming fashion talent to channel ellesse’s DNA both past and present. In a previous installment, OFFCENTER founder Jong Kim honed in on ellesse’s history as a rule-breaking brand that married sportswear with tailoring for the first time in the late ‘60s.

Check out Fabara’s lookbook below where you can also shop the original collection items. Then read our conversation with Fabara at the bottom of the page to find out why he thinks fashion is a good medium to explore complex topics and how London has influenced the way he thinks about fashion, style, and design.

Check out Daniel Fabara’s ellesse-inspired lookbook:

Get to know Daniel Fabara

While overflowing inboxes and too many flavours of toothpaste to choose from might seem like trivial complaints when the amount of carbon in our atmosphere is rising at a devastating rate, the effect of these little stressers when compounded is undeniably real and a constant part of our existence. As a student who’s grown up in a hyperconnected, productivity obsessed world, Daniel Fabara is readily aware of the day-to-day challenges his generation faces.

One solution is to build products, environments, and systems better suited to today’s world and its problems. To this note, Fabara saw in ellesse elements of the functionality needed to equip future generations for a changing world and customised the ellesse SS19 collection to exaggerate these features. To find out more, read our conversation with Fabara below and check out the images documenting his customisation process.

daniel daniel fabara ellesse

For this project, you were inspired by the day-to-day struggles and pressures faced by your generation. What are the biggest struggles and pressures you face?

I think learning to have a healthy relationship with technology, mainly our phones, is something everyone is still trying to figure out. Learning to disconnect, to be more present, to not let superficialities influence you. I feel there’s an added pressure to keep up with the Joneses that keeps you on a hamster wheel if you’re not careful and it’s this idea of not switching off, of constantly being on the go that was the starting point for this project.

Why is this something you wanted to channel for this project?

It’s just what had been on my mind when this project came about and this idea of constantly being on the go led to me looking at functionality as it coincided with my university deadlines so I was constantly carrying around so much stuff.

To some, fashion is simply clothes and aesthetics; in your mind, why is fashion a good medium through which to explore topics like this?

Fashion as a means of communication can be a very powerful tool. When a brand has a strong set of values and/or a meaningful story to tell it can really influence people to think about things differently or at least plant the seed in their heads.

How did this concept play out in the lookbook’s styling and overall look and feel?

We wanted it to have a pretty casual feel to it so we chose the setting of a home as it’s a place where you should ideally be able to unwind after a long hectic day. I say ideally because, in reality, you still have to cook, clean, do your laundry, etc. so do you ever really get a break?

p1 daniel fabara ellesse
p3 daniel fabara ellesse
p4 daniel fabara ellesse

Why did you pick these pieces from ellesse to use in this shoot?

The Fighter 1/2 zip track top and Typhoon track pants fit perfectly with the idea of functionality as they use such a great technical fabric. Regarding the neon yellow Cuba t-shirt, I was more looking at the color and how I could play around with the logo.

I know you were intrigued by the practical and functional features on ellesse’s garments. From what you know about ellesse, why would you consider the brand an antidote to the struggles and pressures we face today and in the future?

It’s even just small things like receiving the clothes from ellesse in packaging made of recycled materials that make a big difference and it’s great to see them addressing such important issues. I feel like they are in tune with what’s happening and are a good example for other brands.

p5 daniel fabara ellesse
p6 daniel fabara ellesse

Give us a little insight into your education and professional history, how did you get to where you are today?

I just finished my first year of university, I study Menswear at Central St. Martins. I’ve been lucky to meet some very inspiring, hard-working people and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the friends I’ve made along the way.

How has London influenced the way you think about fashion, style, and design?

London is just a melting pot for everything. It’s such a multicultural place, you have the blessing to see and be amongst so many different communities. There’s also a lot of museums and galleries that I love going to whenever I get the chance, especially since a lot of them are free. In short, it’s a very open-minded city and I’ve tried to adopt the same mentality.

p7 daniel fabara ellesse
p8 daniel fabara ellesse

What routines, habits, or practices do you have that keep you focused and boost your creativity?

I like to go to the park near my house a few mornings a week to exercise on the bars or meditate. It’s usually empty at that time so it gets me into a good headspace. I enjoy reading too, especially Haruki Murakami books. Generally, I just like to find an escape so that I can come back to my work with a fresh mind.

What are you working towards right now and where can people find you and your work online?

Right now I’m planning out some projects over the summer with some friends just for fun and to keep us busy. You can find me and my work on Instagram @daniel.fabara.

Shop ellesse’s SS19 collection in-store now and online via the link below. Follow all the latest from ellesse on Instagram.
Words by Aaron Howes
Branded Content Editor